Industry & Workforce Strategic Planning


Competition in the marketplace is increasing by the day and strategy is critical for success. GLOBE Advisors not only understands the global competitive landscape for innovative solutions, but also understands what organizations must do in order to be successful. We can help your company, industry, or organization design the best model for success using some of the industry’s most trusted business analysis tools and also provide you with the market intelligence needed to make the right strategic decisions at the right time.


  • Help your company establish realistic goals and objectives consistent with your core competencies
  • Design and implement a business model that defines your company in a competitive marketplace
  • Build a culture of excellence within the company and engage staff in implementing corporate and business level strategies
  • Increase productivity within the organization
  • Understand how the company should be balancing risks while exploiting new opportunities


  • Identify business opportunities for the company and help them realize these opportunities
  • Ensure the company has all the information it requires in developing and realizing its strategy.
  • Conduct scenario analysis which explores a number of future market scenarios based on market analysis
  • Conduct internal analysis to understand and realize hidden talents an capacity that can help drive performance.
  • Develop strategies that provide direction to help the company take action on identified market opportunities.


GLOBE Advisors, working closely with the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), is providing a suite of mentoring and technology review services for a select group of pre-commercial British Columbia-based companies in environmental and clean technology related sectors as part of a 10-month pilot project.

The GLOBE Mentorship Program helps start-up companies by providing strategic insights on their existing business plans and provides market research that helps them better align their strategic operations with global market opportunities.

See more about the GLOBE Mentorship Program here.