Sustainable Urban Technology Centre

The United Nations Environment Programme International Environmental Technology Centre (UNEP IETC) and the GLOBE Foundation have launched a joint strategic initiative to provide a Centre of Excellence for sustainable urban development and a source of knowledge, tools, and technologies on the business of building better cities. Through the establishment of Sustainable Urban Technology Centre, GLOBE and IETC are bringing together skills and resources for sustainable urban design, green construction, urban environmental management, sustainable transportation research, and alternate energy technology development that could benefit communities, towns, and cities throughout the world.

The initiative’s goals are to:

  • assist communities and industries in urban areas to adapt to the realities of climate change
  • promote the development of innovative technologies to deal with the challenges of energy and the environment in urban areas
  • promote sustainable construction and green building technologies and systems as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • train business and government leaders on practical strategies for dealing with climate change and how to govern to create sustainable communities

The Centre signals ongoing cooperation between GLOBE and IETC. IETC promotes the application of Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs) to address urban environmental problems, such as sewage, air pollution, solid waste and noise, and the management of freshwater resources. Primarily concerned with the needs of developing countries and those countries with economies in transition, IETC provides governments and local decision-makers with technical advice and technology-based services to assist them in working towards sustainable development objectives.

Through partnership with IETC, this initiative will leverage the proven capacity of GLOBE and its network of partners in providing solutions to urban environmental problems and building the sustainable cities of tomorrow. For more information, visit the United Nations Environment Programme website.