Needs & Gap Analyses


Understanding the current situation and developing strategies to address existing gaps is critical for the success of both public and private sector organizations. While most organizations have strategic visions for what they would like to achieve and where they would like to go over a 2-3 year time frame, many  require support in order to better understand how to get there. GLOBE helps organizations undertake a critical assessment of their resource requirements in order to achieve success.

GLOBE’s customized gap analysis can also help your organization compare its actual performance with its full potential. GLOBE has conducted comprehensive needs and gap analyses for a number of public and private sector clients in order to help them better understand what is needed in order to realize their long-term objectives.




  • Understand the current resource needs of a particular market and understand the level of investment required to undertake a given project or initiative.
  • Identify gaps between the current situation and the true potential of an organization’s capabilities.
  • Determine the most effective means of increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing cost and resource utilization.
  • Diagnose potential strategic and operational risks and help an organization identify areas of concern within its risk management profile.




  • Developing a well-documented analysis on the gaps that exist within an organization or industry.
  • Conducting a review of an organization’s past successes and challenges with respect to a given project or initiative.
  • Establishing an inventory of resources (skills capacity, competencies, finances, etc.) that are required for successful outcomes.
  • Gathering information from internal and external sources to better understand the needs of an organization and its success.




GLOBE Advisors carried out 10 months of research in 2013 on behalf of BC Hydro, FortisBC, and the Province of BC (Ministry of Energy and Mines) to develop a 5-year strategy to catalyze a more sustainable home energy performance industry in BC.

As part of the project activities, GLOBE conducted a comprehensive gap analysis in order to identify the current status of BC’s home performance industry, as well as to determine the magnitude of change required to stimulate positive market transformation. The gap analysis formed the foundation for the broader 5-year Strategic Plan designed to grow BC’s home performance industry.

Client Testimonial: 

“The project Advisory Committee was very pleased with the work performed by GLOBE Advisors as part of this project. GLOBE’s team was very dedicated to delivering results on budget for a difficult project involving many stakeholders and a large scope.”   –  Margo Longland, Senior Program Manager, Power Smart, BC Hydro