Economic Development & Sector-Specific Analyses


GLOBE Advisors has identified a number of key industry and market sectors with strong economic development and job growth potential. These sectors include:

  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Resource and process efficiency

GLOBE’s expertise in conducting sector-specific analyse and gathering and synthesizing market intelligence in these areas can help identify undiscovered opportunities in the domestic and global marketplace. As part of our comprehensive analysis in-line with forging  sustainable economic development strategies, GLOBE can assist with the development of sector profiles, the identification of key trends, and the assessment of barriers and enablers that can influence sector growth.




  • Clearly define and help establish strategic goals and objectives to assess the economic growth potential of a region’s clean economy.
  • Gather valuable insights on industry development and drivers for economic growth to structure policies and strategic direction.
  • Assist jurisdictions to improve global competitiveness, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and maximize resource and asset usage.




Our comprehensive approach to quantifying clean economy opportunities can include the following activities:

  • Developing an “asset map” of core clean economy sectors and assessing market competitiveness of each;
  • Developing baseline estimates and growth projections for revenues, gross domestic product (GDP), and employment in regional economies;
  • Conducting an analysis of existing enablers and barriers to clean economy growth in the jurisdiction;
  • Conducting a comprehensive review of local labour demand and supply issues related to the clean economy; and
  • Performing a gap analyses of existing and potential future clean economy market opportunities.




GLOBE Advisors undertook a 5-month project in 2012 that explored the economic development and workforce opportunities for communities in British Columbia related to the clean energy and independent power producer (IPP) sector in the province. This project was commissioned by the Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition, the Province of BC, the Columbia Basin Trust, the Federal Rural Secretariat, and a number of other regional Beetle Action Coalitions in British Columbia.

Research for this project included interviews with a representative sample of IPPs and clean energy technology companies in BC in order to identify:

  • The current demand for business services that could be provided by rural BC communities and to investigate the potential future business needs required to support growth and diversification of the clean energy sector in the province; and
  • The current workforce opportunities, challenges, and needs within the clean energy sector in BC.

Greater certainty and transparency in the public policy landscape, more favourable market conditions, and the need to increase clean energy knowledge and capacity building were identified as critical factors for furthering clean energy sector growth in BC.

Client Testimonial:

“The Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition (SIBAC) and the Project Advisory Committee were very pleased with the final report prepared by GLOBE Advisors. GLOBE Advisors completed the project on time and within budget – and, in fact, added some additional deliverables into the project.  It was a pleasure working with Paul Shorthouse and GLOBE Advisors and I have no hesitation in recommending them as a quality consulting group.”   –  Gordon Borgstrom, SIBAC


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