Clean Technology Sector Export Development

Helping Industry Reach International Markets and Realize Global Opportunities


Canadian companies are recognized leaders in clean technology research, development, and innovation. In terms of getting their products to market, it is important that companies have an understanding of trends in global demand for clean technology products and services, as well as for the domestic sales opportunities.

Addressing challenges with respect to intellectual property security and positioning against larger, global competitors can be essential to a company’s success. Supply chain management and opportunities for import substitution of key inputs are additional areas that require proper evaluation.

GLOBE has experience conducting in-depth industry consultation and providing analysis and review of current barriers and enablers for companies looking to exploit international markets. GLOBE’s expertise and extensive international
networks can provide real leverage to assist companies develop export strategies for their clean technology products and solutions.

Benefits of a Clean Technology Export Strategy

  • Identify new markets for clean technology products and/or solutions;
  • Evaluate current export capacity and issues that may be inhibiting export potential;
  • Develop enabling strategies that further clean economic growth potential;
  • Identify new market-driven mechanisms to help facilitate export growth; and
  • Help companies get to market faster by identifying and reducing red tape wherever possible.

How GLOBE Advisors Can Help

Our comprehensive approach to helping businesses and organizations reach their strategic export objectives includes:

  • Identifying current jurisdictional trade barriers that may be limiting export growth potential;
  • Identifying business issues that are acting as barriers for clean technology companies looking to export their products and/or solutions;
  • Identifying key markets for the full range of clean technology products and solutions;
  • Developing practical go-to-market strategies for clean technology companies;
  • Assisting governments in developing enabling programs and policies for accelerating export development;
  • Facilitating partnership development to foster global business opportunities; and
  • Connecting small companies with international private and public sector players and investors