Clean Technology Market Support

Connecting Clean Technology Companies with Investors and Markets


Global demand for clean technology products and solutions has been growing rapidly over the last decade. For many innovative companies, assessing the full potential for their products and services can be a challenge given their limited human resource capacity and the range of ever evolving domestic and global market opportunities.

At the same time, investors are looking to identify industry leaders with the product and management expertise to add value to their investment portfolios
within their risk profiles.

As such, GLOBE’s position in the marketplace as an enabler of clean technology sector development with an extensive network of industry connections can provide value to key stakeholders though our dedicated market support services.

Benefits of GLOBE’s Market Support Services

  • Identify new markets for a company’s product(s) and/or solution(s);
  • Evaluate the potential of a specific product/service in the marketplace and against the competition;
  • Better position your company against domestic and international competitors; and
  • Develop a market penetration strategy that best reflects product lifecycle stage, current market demands, and plays on competitor strengths and weaknesses.

How GLOBE Advisors Can Help

GLOBE’s clean technology market channel support services are designed to:

  • Provide a competitiveness audit to help companies understand product commercialization readiness and better position themselves against competitors;
  • Accelerate market adoption of clean technologybased solutions through quality testing and verification;
  • Provide reliable market intelligence to quantify market size, identify market trends, and competitor strengths and weaknesses;
  • Provide consultative support to quantify potential market capture;
  • Assist clients develop a market penetration strategy based on their competitive strengths and market opportunities; and
  • Facilitate partnership development through our extensive international networks.