Policy / Program Development & Review


Governments and organizations around the world are exploring how sustainability-based policy and program development can help to accelerate economic growth, stimulate investment, increase trade and competitiveness, and accelerate job creation. But the transition toward a more sustainable economy requires careful planning and execution. This shift is not only about becoming better stewards of the environment, but also about creating added value, boosting revenues, reducing operating costs, and promoting new and efficient methods of achieving strategic objectives.

GLOBE Advisors can apply its “green lens” analysis to public sector policies and programs in order to help determine how existing policies are aligning with a government’s environmental objectives and better realize the market opportunities in the green economy.




  • Strategically aligns ministerial and/or departmental programs with overarching public policy initiatives.
  • Helps to save costs, improve effectiveness of program delivery, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and improve resource and energy efficiency by providing tools for businesses and other organizations to pursue economic opportunities.
  • Reduces barriers and creates enablers for “green” economic development throughout the jurisdiction and beyond by realizing opportunities for inter-provincial and international trade.




  • GLOBE can help to identify the extent to which existing programs support or hinder current public policy goals and objectives;
  • GLOBE can help identify gaps between existing policies and programs across all government ministries and/or departments and recommend actions to resolve identified gaps;
  • GLOBE can suggest modifications to existing programs (with minimal “red tape”) that will help to increase efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and encourage business development (both internally and externally);
  • GLOBE can suggest possible new programs that will enable ministries and/or departments to capitalize on opportunities in the green economy; and
  • GLOBE can design a change management action plan to close identified gaps in policies and programs and realize potential opportunities.




GLOBE Advisors was commissioned by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Department of Innovation, Business, and Rural Development (IBRD) in 2012 to review over 30 business and economic development programs to ensure alignment with existing provincial climate change, energy efficiency, and emissions trading policies and objectives. Research as part of the analysis included extensive interviews with key departmental staff to gather primary intelligence on existing programs and to identify gaps.

The analysis provided actionable recommendations with minimal additional costs or “red tape” that could help IBRD further assist its clients (primarily small and medium-sized enterprises and supporting agencies) achieve more efficient, cost-effective, and competitive business practices and capitalize on existing domestic and global green economy opportunities.

Content and a framework for an online “Roadmap to Greening Your Business” were also developed by GLOBE to help IBRD clients identify and navigate existing municipal, provincial, and federal programs and support tools in order to optimize their operations, improve energy and resource efficiency, reduce GHG emissions, and improve their overall competitiveness. View the Roadmap to Greening Your Business.