Export Strategy Development


Canadian companies are recognized leaders in environmental and clean technology research, development, and innovation. In terms of getting their products to market, it is important that companies have an understanding of the trends shaping both the domestic and global market demand for clean technology products and services..

Addressing challenges with respect to intellectual property security and positioning against larger, global competitors can be essential to a company’s success. Supply chain management and opportunities for import substitution of key inputs are additional areas that require proper evaluation.

GLOBE Advisors has experience conducting in-depth industry consultation and providing analysis and review of current barriers and enablers for companies looking to exploit domestic and international markets. GLOBE’s expertise and extensive network can provide real leverage to assist companies in developing export strategies for their products and solutions.




  • Identify new markets for clean technology products and/or solutions;
  • Evaluate current export capacity and issues that may be inhibiting export potential;
  • Develop enabling strategies that further economic growth potential;
  • Identify new market-driven mechanisms to help facilitate export growth; and
  • Speed up market entry by identifying and reducing red tape wherever possible.




GLOBE’s comprehensive approach to helping businesses and organizations reach their strategic export objectives includes:

  • Identifying key markets for the full range of clean technology products and solutions;
  • Identifying current jurisdictional trade barriers that may be limiting export growth potential;
  • Identifying business issues that are acting as barriers for clean technology companies looking to export their products and/or solutions;
  • Developing practical go-to-market strategies for clean technology companies;
  • Assisting governments in developing enabling programs and policies for accelerating export development;
  • Facilitating partnership development to foster global business opportunities; and
  • Connecting small companies with international private and public sector players and investors.




  • Market entry strategies for different target markets around the world based on market intelligence and industry insights.
  • A professional report summarizing key findings and a set of prioritized, actionable recommendations to help accelerate the export of clean technology solutions.
  • Consultative support for public and private sector stakeholders looking to implement suggested recommendations.




GLOBE’s Clean Technology Sector Export Readiness Study for the BC Provincial Government’s Ministry of International Trade identified companies based in British Columbia that have export-ready clean technology products and/or services in-line with the provincial government’s priority export markets so that the government’s trade and investment representatives can better support these companies.

During the first three months of 2013, the GLOBE team qualified a comprehensive list of more than 535 companies that are active players in BC’s clean technology sector.  Building off this list GLOBE:

  • Undertook extensive secondary research on BC’s clean technology strengths and market opportunities in the province’s various priority markets (China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, the UK / Western Europe, and the United States).
  • Developed a detailed online industry survey to capture information on clean technology companies in BC, including the size of the company, where the company was currently exporting, where the company would like to export, as well as some of the export challenges and market entry strategies these companies have used in the past to penetrate foreign markets.
  • Carried out in-depth interviews with industry leaders and company executives in order to gather updates on the current state of BC’s clean technology industry, identify upcoming “star” clean technology companies, and establish connections to companies in the industry.
  • Carried out interviews with BC provincial trade representatives in each of the province’s priority export markets.

Results from GLOBE’s research have been foundational to developing the provincial government’s  clean technology export strategy.