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Dr. John Wiebe
President & CEO, GLOBE Group

John established the GLOBE Foundation in 1993. Our in-house expert on environmental business and the application of sustainability principles to business ventures, he was recognized in 2011 as one of Canada’s Clean16, naming him one of 16 individuals who have done the most to advance the cause of sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada.

John has managed projects and advised governments and corporations in all parts of the world for the past 30 years. Until May of 2005 he was also the President & CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and until April of 2007 was Chairman of the Board of the Canadian Education Centre Network and Global Schools Inc. He has been a senior executive with the Government of Canada and served on the National Roundtable on Environment and the Economy where he chaired the Capital Markets taskforce. He is a past Chair of the Vancouver Economic Development Commission and a past Director of the International Centre for Sustainable Cities, the McCrae Institute, Desert Gold Corporation, Boltons Capital Corp. Tonbridge Power Corp. and on the Advisory Boards of the Simon Fraser University Business School, the Banff School of Management and the East West Center.

He currently serves as the Chairman of the Green Table Network and as a Director of West Mountain Capital Corp., Advantage BC, and Eco Canada, and is Chairman of the Advisory Board of Ecosystem Restoration Associates Ltd. Though this travel commitments don’t leave much spare time, he enjoys to spend whatever’s left with friends and colleagues on the golf course.

Frank Came
Senior Advisor, GLOBE Group

Frank has been with the GLOBE Group since its inception and holds extensive experience in the environmental and sustainable development sectors, both in business and government. His extensive acumen includes Project Director for the West Coast Clean Economy Report (prepared for the Pacific Coast Collaborative), and for the Canadian Clean Energy Technology Insight Report, prepared for the National Research Council of Canada. He also completed a consulting project for GLOBE Advisors on behalf of UN-HABITAT to establish an International Urban Training Centre in Gangwon Province in South Korea.

Frank is the author of major reports on the environmental technologies and services sector and is the Editor of our GLOBE-Net news portal, as well as President of the BC Environment Industries Association.  He has served in senior positions in the federal Treasury Board Secretariat and the Privy Council Office; and was a Director General at Western Economic Diversification Canada. A genius writer and unwavering diplomat, Frank’s work touches nearly all of our GLOBE projects in some shape or form.


Mark Heilig
Director of Operations, GLOBE Performance Solutions

Mark joined GLOBE in early 2013 and brings over 15 years of experience in international relations, business development, and operations management to the team.

As a West Coast local, Mark’s passion for international business has taken him around the globe, working and traveling throughout Africa, Europe and Latin America, before finally settling back in Vancouver. He has worked on numerous domestic and international projects for a variety of clients and industries, including the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the organic food industry, the telecom sector and the Ghanaian Ministry of Trade.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business from the University of BC, as well as a Certificate in Internet Marketing. Mark is fluent in English, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. When he’s not too busy liaising across multiple time zones and hemispheres with our domestic and offshore client base, Mark enjoys spending his time outdoors, hiking the trails of Vancouver’s North Shore or mountain biking on the local Gulf Islands.

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