BC Residential Construction Industry Profile & Training Study (2013)

About the Project

In 2013, GLOBE Advisors conducted research on behalf of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC (CHBA BC) and a number of industry stakeholders in order to develop a detailed industry profile of the residential construction industry in British Columbia. This study also looked at current apprenticeship and trades training as it relates to the needs of residential construction employers, workers, and trainees.

The objectives of this project were to conduct research and consultation with industry stakeholders in order to:

  • Confirm support for apprenticeship and trades training within industry;
  • Identify any barriers to the delivery of residential construction  training in BC;
  • Document challenges for employers and trainees in starting and completing training; and
  • Document the ideal range, nature, and scope of residential construction training delivery model(s).

The intended outcomes of this project were to identify opportunities to:

  • Initiate the process to develop viable training pathways for residential construction skills development;
  • Promote the residential construction apprenticeship model and its designated trades;
  • Build employer and employee participation in residential construction apprenticeships;
  • Enhance regional access to technical training opportunities;
  • Develop a process for industry evaluation of training approaches; and
  • Determine a process for ongoing residential industry influence on BC’s apprenticeship and training system.

Research Activities

Research activities for this project included:

  • A comprehensive analysis of statistical and labour market information (LMI) from publicly available sources including Statistics Canada, BC Statistics, the Construction Sector Council, and others;
  • Developing a web-based industry survey with responses from more than 430 business owners, homebuilders, general contractors, sub-trades, and apprentices in the residential construction sector from across the province;
  • Conducting more than 45 one-on-one interviews with industry associations and organizations, training providers, the Industry Training Authority (ITA), and the owners of residential contracting and specialty trades companies; and
  • Hosting a series of six regional focus groups that brought together homebuilders and developers, specialty trade contractors, deans and instructors from several post-secondary institutions, and representatives from various industry associations and organizations to discuss industry trends; challenges and opportunities with respect to training and continuous learning; and alternative delivery models relevant to residential construction training.
  • Hosting two “virtual focus groups” or interactive webinars which reached out to a wider audience of industry, training providers, and apprentices across the province to further validate the identified opportunities and challenges with respect to apprenticeship and training.

Documents available on request

  • PHASE 1 Report: BC Residential Construction Industry Profile (2013)
  • PHASE 2 Report: BC Residential Construction Apprenticeship & Training Review (2013)

To request copies of the final reports, please contact GLOBE Advisors.



Our committee worked with GLOBE Advisors over the last six months in order to develop a snapshot for the residential construction industry, as well as conducting stakeholder consultations to address training needs and gaps.

The team at GLOBE has done an excellent job researching the sector, documenting what they found, synthesizing that information into useable formats, and recommending key strategies to help our sector move forward successfully.

Not only were they incredibly thorough, but they were also excellent project managers – ensuring that the work and the committee stayed on time, on budget, and on point.”

Kim Savage
Project Manager,
Residential Construction LMP Committee